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When Nobody Is Home They Play

When Nobody Is Home They Play
by Sara Mahi

“Are you ready for a playful day at the park?” asked Katelyn.  “Yes I am!” exclaimed Bailey.  Tie was Sunday, Katelyn and Baily’s most favorite day of all.  Every Sunday they get to go to Adventurous park and be artistic and friendly in games.  Their favorite part was being active.

Katelyn and Bailey are dolls.  Whenever their owners aren’t at home, they come alive and play together.  When their owners come home, they get back to their places and act like nothing happened at all.

AT the park, Katelyn wanted to play a happy game that never got sad, but Bailey wanted to play a curious game where everything just go more mysterious.  The were both very caring for each other and couldn’t decide which game.

“Let’s but a dreamer in the game that tells our future!” exclaimed katelyen.  “I don’t like that idea.” Bailey complained.  The two west friends got into a big fight if it was a good idea or not.  Instead of playing their favorite game, Explorers, they played alone.

It was a sunny day outside so Katelyn went to get a bottle of water and Bailey went to the drinking fountain. “I’m Sorry.” said Bailey. “Me too.” said Katelyn. When they got home, it was sizzling and even more sunny.  Katelyn and Bailey got on some sundresses. “You look pretty.” said Katelyn.  “Thank you.” You look stylish.” said Baily.  “Thank you.” Katelyn said politely.

At bedtime, they got into their sleepy pajamas.  “I’m hungry.” said Baily. “We’ll eat int he morning.” said Katelyn relaxed.  They fell asleep peacefully and dreaming very imaginative dreams.

The End

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