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A Girl Named Lillie

A Girl Named Lillie
By Zoey Mahi

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lillie.  She was very playful.  Her friend Laney thought she was artistic and her other friend Millisa though se was adventurous.  One day her friend Emily fell down.  Lillie helped her get up and Emily said, “You are very friendly.”  One day Lillie and Mellisa went to the park.  Their moms said, “You girls are very active today!”  Lillie and Mellisa were very happy that they went to the park.

The next day Lillie met a girl name Michaela.  She tripped on a branch on the ground and dropped ice cream and started crying.  Her knee was bleeding badly so Lillie took her over to  her house and gave her a band aid.  Michaela said, “You are a very caring person.”  Lillie got very curious sometimes.  Lille was also a dreamer.  She like to dream about things.  Lillie had a best friend named Julie.  Julie had a friend named Elizabeth.  Nobody knows why, except family, why she liked to explore so much.  The next day Lillie went to the beach on a sizzling sunny day.  Lillie was really pretty, stylish and peaceful.  Lillie always relaxed.  She had a sleepover one night and got very sleepy.  The next day she woke up and was hungry so she went down the stairs and got a snack.  Lillie was very Imaginative. Good bye!

The End.

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