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Sandie and Sophie Go To The Beach

Sandie and Sophie Go To The Beach
by Anna Miller

Sandie and Sophie went on a trip to the beach.  They saw playful dolphins.  It was a sunny day.  The sand was sizzling as the girls relaxed on the pretty beach.  Since Sophie is artistic she built an imaginative sandcastle.  Sandie is more of an explorer and was curious to go in the water.  Sandy and Sophie are best friends and like being adventurous together.  Sandie said, “My mom helped dress me in this stylish swimsuit.” The girls were friendly and caring and talked to some other kids on the beach.  Being active on the beach is fun!  Sandie and Sophie liked taking peaceful walks and collecting shells.  Sophie is a dreamer and knows she will have many more exciting days on the beach.  When the girls got sleepy and hungry they decided it was time to leave.  The girls had a very happy day on the beach.  They each said, “Good bye beach!”

The End.


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